Criticism of Manos del Uruguay Yarn

I had high hopes for this yarn when I purchased it. I awoke one Saturday morning in a fever to knit a long infinity scarf. I chose the pattern Textured Circle Scarf by Kate Smalley. I went through my yarn stash and was shocked and perturbed to learn that I didn't own any worsted weight yarn. I cheered up moments later when I realized this provided me with an opportunity to go yarn shopping. I rode the train to the Needlepoint Joint in Ogden, UT. A startlingly pretty and very hippy-ish young woman helped me choose the Manos del Uruguay-Maxima. Allow me to list my complaints:

Notice the unwanted marbling and color change

Notice the unwanted marbling and color change

  • I bought 4 balls, all of the same dye lot but, there was a marked difference in the color. I had two that were a pearl grey and two that were smoky. I did what any resourceful knitter would, and alternated the skeins to create a pattern.
  • The yarn is kettle dyed and one of my skeins was dyed with a band too tight so the middle of that skein was almost pure white. Therefore, I ended up with another color detail I didn't ask for...white specks throughout the scarf. 
  • The friction of just my hands and some rosewood needles caused the yarn to look like it was beginning to pill.
  • I lost instead of gained stitch definition when I blocked the scarf.
  • The scarf was only in rotation for two weeks before I noticed pilling. I'm a large woman with many friction points but my neck isn't one of them.

I will say that the yarn was very soft and it was far and away the most consistent single-ply yarn I've ever worked with. There were no thick and thin spots. And the color is beautiful. It is hard to get a compliment on anything grey and I received many while I was both knitting with the yarn it and when I wore the scarf.

My low opinion of this yarn is not one I could find shared among the knitting community. To the point that I am questioning whether I'm the only knitter not on the Manos del Uruguay payroll. This makes me think that I owe it one more chance. I have a skein left. I will make a hat and see if that turns out any better.

Project Details:

Pattern: Textured Circle Scarf by Kate Smalley

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Slate

Needles: Size 6 rosewood