When a fling becomes something MORE

I love it when an easy stitch looks fancy

I love it when an easy stitch looks fancy

I hate buying things online because I am an impatient person. If I give you money I struggle to understand why all you have given me is an email saying "Thanks". So when I realized I'd finished all my knitting projects but my new yarn wasn't arriving from Knit-Purl.com for several business days I needed a new project to distract me. 

I did what I always do when I need project inspiration, I checked my Pinterest and Instagram. And one of my favorite Instagram pages is the one for  PurlSoho a knitting, weaving, and needlework store in NYC. They have great taste. They also have high prices. I have actually to my recollection never purchased anything from them. Which as I write this makes me feel like I am somehow mistreating them since I have knit at least five of their free knitting patterns. (sneaks away to make a guilt purchase she will blog about at a later date) 

I don't feel like they were featuring this pattern well enough. Shifting Angles Scarf in a dull dusky light brown or straw color? I like muted colors as much as the next gal but BLERGH. Give me a little of the razzle dazzle. So I'm knitting mine out of a wonderful navy that I specifically bought to knit a scarf out of because I love Sherlock on the BBC and he wears a navy scarf. Plus Knitpicks,com had the yarn on a steep discount I assume because they were discontinuing the color. Because it wasn't like the yarn was going to go bad. 

I expected to lose interest in this scarf when my luxury yarns arrived but I haven't. I can't convince myself to knit anything else. I am supposed to be working on some patterns I've been writing for my book. But nope. The moment my bum meets seat I find myself picking it out of the basket. I suspect this will not be so for much longer. The scarf is getting a bit long for knitting on the go. I'll cast on something portable and my attentions will be spread more evenly. But for the time being I am still enraptured and I only want to be with the Shifting Angles Scarf. 

Project Details:

Pattern: Shifting Angles Scarf  

Yarn: Capretta from Knitpicks (fingering weight/80% wool, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon

Needles: Size 3 bamboo